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The Formal Dining Room Strikes Back

The formal dining room strikes back…

In this day of electronics and texting, most of us have had enough of eating on our knees and eating while being glued to the TV. We, have decided and resigned ourselves to spending more time together as a family, actually conversing with each other and our kids and leaving the electronics at the door.

The formal dining room has made a comeback and families are returning to eating at the table. We have decided more than that… it’s time to entertain, to play games, to laugh and talk while sipping coffee or tea in this dining space.

Doesn’t need to be stuffy…

A formal dining room doesn’t need to be stuffy or boring. On the contrary, it should be an expression of you and your individuality with unique lighting, splashes of colour or pattern, and unique seating. It’s a space that you should be proud of, love to be in and use often.

So… take off the plastic seat covers and re-invent the Dining Room into a usable space to suit your personality and family.

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