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Planning a kitchen reno? Add personality and liven up that boring kitchen design…

Lackluster, plain kitchens are a thing of the past. Today’s kitchens allow for your style and personality to shine through. The kitchen has now become another exciting room in the house to design and can be pumped up by simply adding colour, texture, accent pieces and spectacular lighting.

Kitchen colour palettes can start with neutrals combining whites, grays, blues and browns as the base and then add something much bolder such as a pop of yellow, red, blue… with a range hood, bar chairs, knobs, etc.

As well, mismatched top and bottom cabinets of varying colour can make the kitchen stand out and designer-like. Or, why not try adding a new colour to the island and make it the centerpiece of the room?

These variations when combined together give excitement and add a unique flair to your space. And for the final touch…why not add some sparkle and bling in the form of an unusual light fixture.

Oh … c’est magnifique !

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